Why Use The Kingspan Tek Building System

Energy Efficiency & Environmental Sustainability

  • The need for environmentally sustainable living has been well documented.
  • The KingspanTEK®Building System is CFC/HCFC-free with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).
  • The KingspanTEK® Building System achieves U-values of 0.2 W/m2.K as standard for walls and roofs.
  • To achieve this thermal performance in traditionally constructed timber frame or masonry cavity walls, greater wall thicknesses may be required – thicker walls that encroach on living space.
  • The KingspanTEK® Building System can achieve air-tightness levels as good as 0.91 air changes per hour at 50 Pa.
  • It is very difficult for traditional timber frame or masonry construction methods to achieve this standard.
  • These factors combined, could result in your home being so energy efficient, that you may have potential to avoid installing a conventional heating system e.g. radiators altogether.
  • Concern for the environment does not have to equate with being out of pocket.
  • People that use the KingspanTEK® Building System to build their dream home can also see the financial benefits that the System offers.
  • To achieve KingspanTEK® Building System levels of energy efficiency with traditional masonry or timber frame construction methods would demand a significant premium in build costs.

Build Speed

  • KingspanTEK® Building System roof and wall panels are pre-insulated, which means that the construction of the structural frame and the. installation of thermal insulation for your home happen in one operation.
  • This can save time and money compared with traditional methods such as timber frame and masonry where the equivalent operation may have to be carried out in a number of different phases.

Waste Landfill

  • The KingspanTEK® Building Systemis factory produced and thus suffers from minimal on-site wastage and thuslower waste disposal charges.

Building Reliability

  • Your KingspanTEK® Building Systemscheme must only be erected by your KingspanTEK® System Supplier or a registered KingspanTEK® Contractor. Defects are vastly reduced due to the factory-controlled manufacture of the System. By virtue of the System’s prefabricated nature, it can only be erected one way and thus installation errors are evident almost immediately and are relatively easily rectified.

self build 1Insulated Warm Roof Space as Standard

  • Due to the roof and wall panels being pre-insulated, your home can have an insulated warm roof space as standard. The application of insulation as a second operation, as will be the case when building your home with traditional rafter techniques, is unnecessary.


  • The KingspanTEK® Building Systemis recognised by building warranty providers such as NHBC and Zurich Municipal. It also holds BBA and IAB certification.
  • The System has Lantac System approval, which means that it will be recognised and verified by the local authority building control network. Consequently, many objections that local building control departments may raise when using a modern construction technique are dealt with before they can be raised.