Thomas Carter undertook this very unusual project to build the superstructure for a floating home with a concrete hull. The design called for a decked roof that needed to support a jacuzzi as well as not exceeding a specified weight. Built in Chatham Docks, the Floating Home is currently moored in Wandsworth.




"The whole process was carried out very efficiently and expertly even with basic plans that were provided by the client. The Kingspan Sips system is extremely fast to construct which produces a very energy efficient building. We hope to use this system in many more of floating homes in the future."

Mark Junak - Contracts Manager (May-Aug 2011)


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House extension, Faversham

"...quite apart from their commendable efficiency in process, and determination to meet deadlines, TC have a more valuable ability, they know how to engage fellow building contractors who lack SIPS experience, bringing together all necessary parts until successful completion: sceptics converted…"
Nigel Jury

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Garden Studio - North London

A modern garden room extension, bringing the outside world into the clients home. Light, spacious and airy, a 21st century addition to a Victorian home.

Photos to follow.


G M Lines - Building & Development

We successfully completed a project in Eastbourne in January 2008 (a pair of semi-detached houses) for the first time using Thomas Carter Ltd and the SIP System. We were impressed with the speed of build and the quality of the finished units, the high levels of insulation were a major benefit when marketing the development.
We have, therefore, continued to use Thomas Carter Ltd on a subsequent development of 9 units in Heathfield, again completed in record time.
The process of working with Thomas Carter Ltd was very efficient and the benefits of developing drawings & structural engineering in the office and then the offsite manufacture of the SIP structural components, enabled the watertight shells to be erected on site in an 8 week period.

"We would definitely contact Thomas Carter Ltd to tender for future developments where the use of SIP is required."
Glen Lines, Directors.