Housing Association & Local Authorities Using S.I.Ps Construction

page links 4Structures built in this sector have to be built to level 3 of the code for sustainable homes already as standard & by 2010 level 4 will be mandatory.

Under the assessment rules for the code for sustainable homes up to 34% of available credits are scored upon energy performance & CO2 emissions. A cost effective way to score highly in this element is by using Thomas Carter ltd & the Kingspan TEK building system with its high levels of insulation & unrivalled airtightness.

housing 1Generally on such developments space is at a premium. By using the TEK 142 panel 2 layers of 12.5mm gypsum board (1 a sacrificial layer for service runs) internally, 25mm batten externally with 40mm cladding i.e. Timber, Rainscreen, Brick slips, Render system & Tile hanging a U-Value of 0.20-0.22 W/m2K is achieved; this gives a total wall thickness of 232mm. By contrast conventional brick & block construction would need to be 430mm thick to achieve the same u-value. To highlight the true cost to the client a slab measuring 10m x 8m would mean over 11m2 would be gained which is the equivalent of either utility room or study. With SIPs, any performance that’s built in on day 1 is sustained throughout the life of the structure which cannot be said by any other methods of construction. SIPs are not prone to any of the defects associated with other building formats such as shrinking & drying cracks along with differential movement / settlement. These all affect the airtightness of the building & are detrimental to its thermal performance.The designed performance when tested in reality is achieved & in many cases exceeded by SIPs the same cannot be said for other methods of construction. Choosing a fabric solution to achieve your energy credits means that energy demands are drastically reduced paving the way for lower powered-lower cost systems, which in turn reduces running & maintenance costs of the property. This in turn ensures the level of performance designed on day1 can be assured & will not be downgraded by future maintenance.