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page links 3The code for sustainable homes is assessed across several categories the main one being related to the energy performance of the build. The most cost effective & permanent way of scoring highly in this category is to construct an efficient shell that will require less heat & energy to run. This is achieved with high insulation ratings & considerable air tightness, both of which are inherent properties of SIP panels.
Thomas Carter offer design, manufacture & erection of SIP build systems including production of all design information, structural calcs to assist with building regs approval & code assessment.
Other Services provided by Thomas Carter which would compliment the SIP package would be MVHR (mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems} heat pumps to provide hot water & heating. Solar thermal, hot water systems & water harvesting technologies. All elements that will assist in achieving higher levels of the code.

With over 30 years experience in the Timber Frame construction industry, 10 years specifically with Kingspan for in excess of 9 years. After using various other manufacturers’ panels, we have found the Kingspan TEK panels performance across all construction criteria to be unsurpassed.