Architects Using S.I.Ps Construction

page links 2As you are aware by 2016 all new build structures will be required to achieve code level 6 (in the code for sustainable homes) with level 3 already mandatory for any construction requiring public money, such as housing association dwellings, school buildings etc. With the difficulties of today’s design requirements Thomas Carter offer a simple solution to .achieve some of the main elements incorporated in the code. As you are aware one of the key elements of the code, assesses energy performance/usage of the building, to score highly in this section of the code one would need a building envelope with high levels of insulation extreme levels of air tightness whilst still retaining structural integrity & keeping overall wall thickness to a minimum, such benefits are standard when building with SIP.
Thomas Carter Ltd are registered delivery partner of the Kingspan TEK SIP system, as you would expect from Europe’s leading insulation building technologies supplier, a system which is covered by the BBA, IAB & is approved for use by NHBC, Zurich & has nationwide LABC approval. Thomas Carter also offer a main contractor Turn Key Operations if the project is local.