Code for Sustainable Homes

homes codeIt has been an aspiration of Government and many in the Construction Sector .to improve the quality of new homes. Over the last few years the standard of Building Regulations has improved, particularly for energy efficiency. Whilst there have been initatives for higher standards, such as Life Time Homes, the majority of new homes in Britain have been designed simply to pass the minimum standard required in Building Regulations.

The Government’s Code for Sustainable homes provides an objective system for the assessment of homes over and above the minimum standard of Building Regulations. The aim is to encourage developers and manufacturer’s to design and build to higher standards and to point the way for future improvements in the Building Regulations. Although not mandatory, provision of some Government funding already requires buildings to be constructed to Code Level 3 - 4.

The code has nine categories from Energy and CO2 Emissions to Ecology. The lowest level is 1 and the highest is 6. Whilst Code Levels can be achieved by combination of various design, management and construction practises, it is generally considered that resourses put into a ‘fabric solution’ represents the most cost effective method.

Fabric Solutions last the lifetime of the building and do not require additional expense post construction, contracting the ongoing cost of installing and maintaining renewable, mechanical and electrical systems.

The Kingspan TEK System provides an improvement of DER (dwelling emissions rate) over TER (target emissions rate) of at least 25% which is the mandatory requirement for Code Level 3 - 4 without extensive use of renewables or heat pumps. Utilising the TEK system will provide the lowest U value for the thinnest wall whilst helping you to achieve Code Level 3.

At Thomas Carter we have the expertise to help you achieve the Code Level you require and our Architectural and Structural Consultants are also Licensed Assessors under the Code for Sustainable Homes.